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Industry and
Product Data

Master Calibrators has recently undertaken a thorough study on a host of electrical meters in the market, and their various performances when calibrated throughout their lifespan. This data has highlighted the better performing brands, in terms of calibration performance and staying within manufactures specifications, and conversely has highlighted the lower performs. The study also covers failure rates on various types of HV Safety Equipment, such as insulated mats, insulated gloves and rescue kits. You can download the full report here. A short excerpt of some of the results is as follows:

% of Meters that Fail Calibration: 6%
% of Meters that Pass but with some function outside Spec: 13%
Top 5 Performing Meter manufacturers: Fluke, Aegis, Fieldpiece, Metrel, Brymen
Bottom 5 Performing Meter manufacturers: Generic / No Name, Digitech, Hioki, Martindale, Druck

This data also confirms the absolute and undeniable importance of having electrical instruments and electrical meters regularly calibrated to ensure accurate readings. Not having calibrated meters leaves you and your company open to giving incorrect reports and information to clients – and as a result liable for any future problems with the installation or work. It is simply not worth the regulatory and liability risk to not have meters calibrated regularly.

NOTE: Many of the issues found on the above instruments, would not have been found if using a checkbox, rather than performing a calibration. To read more about the differences between calibrations and checkbox verifications, click here.